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Certification - Easypharma


The entire range of Easypharma products is based on the procurement of superior choice raw materials from the top qualified manufacturers on the market (HPL, aluminium, insulation, silicones, steel, etc.).

Our customers are guaranteed quality certification of all the materials used in the clean room production process, making the Easypharma system recognised and highly appreciated all over the world.

Mechanical and chemical tests, fire reaction test, certifications carried out by accredited bodies (TUV Hessen, Proficert) are a guarantee for our customers that Easypharma leaves nothing to chance, paying utmost attention to every single item in its range of products.


During every work phase, whether it refers to design, production or installation, Easypharma conducts scrupulous checks to ensure that the characteristics we have established, in terms of quality and size, are always respected. This is because we are convinced that in our sector, which is continuously expanding also from a competitive point of view, strict quality control is a key aspect which deserves utmost perseverance.
Compared to the first few years in which we operated on the market, we have seen a continuous decrease in the time between the acquisition of the order and the realisation of the project.
With this in mind, Easypharma has invested heavily in new automation technologies, both in terms of design and production, significantly reducing the factory processing times, whilst dedicating greater attention and time to the installation phase of our clean room.
Certification - Easypharma
Certification - Easypharma

Final testing and inspection

Every technical solution studied by Easypharma, is experimented and tested entirely within our factory plant and, only after achieving a positive outcome, it is launched on the market making it available to our customers.

After completing the supply phase at the worksite, the Easypharma technical staff move around the entire department, verifying that the structure created is adequate and air cleaning can be guaranteed in a controlled environment following the installation of an appropriate air conditioning system that will be gauged according to the clean room classification requested by the customer according to ISO 14644.
Our technicians will then proceed room by room analysing any improvements to be made before delivery, which takes place simultaneously in the presence of the Customer in order to verify the entire supply and sign the consignment statement together.