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HPL walls

The HPL partition wall for cleanroom is a structure with a thickness of 45mm, made of 2 x 4 mm thick external HPL panels and internal insulation, which vary according to the project requirements..
Each panel made by Easypharma is completely sealed on all 4 sides, using extruded aluminium profiles, designed to create the structure and complete closure of the internal insulation. Easypharma supplies different types of insulation: rock wool (RW), polystyrene (EPS), aluminium honeycomb (HC), polyurethane (PUR), polyisocyanurate (PIR). In all cases, the densities of such insulations are extremely high, so as to guarantee superior mechanical stability of the wall itself

What is HPL for Cleanroom

The HPL surfaces are distinguished by some highly technical features, namely: High mechanical resistance to impact, total resistance to water, chemical detergents, steam, impact and highly resistant to abrasion. Over 40 layers of kraft impregnated with melamine and phenolic resin. The 4 mm thick HPL panel has a transparent finish on both external sides that protects the decorative layer below. Solid, structured, unpainted material (the colour is part of the material). Antistatic and antibacterial given the nature of the product itself, HPL is used extensively in controlled contamination environments. The central dark brown layer consists of a series of kraft papers impregnated with phenolic resins, pressed to 9 MPa at 150°C. A protective PVC coating protects the panel during the production, transportation and installation phases. We chose to use HPL-grade products only when realising our cleanrooms, in accordance with standard EN438.


Sheets of expanded polystyrene (EPS). Density 35 Kg/cbm, fire reaction class E (EN 13501-1) declared thermal conductivity (λ) = 0.033 W/mK (EN 12667 or 13163)

Sheets of fireproof rock wool oriented perpendicular to the plane. Density 100 Kg/cbm, fire reaction class A1 (EN 13501-1) declared thermal conductivity (λ) = 0.037 W/mK (EN 12667 or 14303)

Sheets of honeycomb aluminium-combustible, consisting of hexagonal cells with a diameter of 12 mm made of aluminium alloy 3003. Density 35 Kg/cbm, fire reaction class A0 (EN 13501-1) declared thermal conductivity (λ) = 0.026 W/mK (static air) 0.026 W/mK (static air)

Sheets of expanded polyurethane. Density 35 Kg/cbm, fire reaction class B3(EN 13501-1 or DIN 4102) declared thermal conductivity (λ) = 0.022 W/mK (EN 12667)

Aluminum perimeter frame

Technical data of the external panelling in ALUBOND

Easypharma colours

WHITE [E001]
BLUE [E004]
IVORY [E002]
CYAN [E003]
SAND [E006]
GREY [E008]
MOUSE [E010]
RED [E016]
STRAW [E017]
LEMON [E018]
BRICK [E025]
ECO [E026]

In Easypharma we are certain that product quality is the cornerstone and strength behind our work. Procurement only works with the very best suppliers both for the plastic laminate (HPL) and for every element used in our production processes. Our products have obtained the PROFI-CERT certificate which guarantees the production standard, the actual physical and mechanical resistance as well as fire resistance. Quality is not always synonymous of speed, and this led us to create a range of standard colours, for which we can guarantee reduced delivery times. The colour of the reproduced images may be slightly different from the original.

Do not hesitate to request a real sample to verify the exact colour, structure and finish.

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    Partition walls

    Partition walls

    Partition walls