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The entire range of Easypharma products for clean rooms is based on the procurement of superior choice raw materials from the top qualified manufacturers on the market (HPL, aluminium, insulation, silicones, steel, etc. ).

The clean room is an environment whose peculiar characteristic is the presence of exceptionally pure air, and clear indication of the low concentration of microparticles of suspended dust. Internationally they are referred to using the English term “clean room”, which indicates a room with controlled atmospheric pressure and a low level of polluting particles. Clean room classification is based on the count of microparticles of 0.5 microns and larger in a defined volume of air; the lower number of particles suspended in the air the more the clean room is purified. The functioning of a clean room is based essentially on the principle of forced recirculation of super-filtered air in a sealed room. The system consists of large fans operating at low speed, which supplies a flow of air through the ceiling which has been previously filtered through powerful HEPA filters positioned outside, and suctioned through grilles placed on the floor. The purity of the air in these rooms is significantly higher than that of an operating room, and therefore the people who work there must wear sterile coats, shoe covers, headphones and masks. In rooms where very high or total air purity is required, access is only permitted to suitably trained personnel.


* maximum number of particles /ft³

ISO 14644-1

* maximum number of particles/m³

Clean rooms

The entire range of Easypharma products is based on the procurement of superior choice raw materials from the top qualified manufacturers on the market (HPL, aluminium, insulation, silicones, steel, etc.). Quality certification of all the materials used in the production process is a guarantee for our customers, making Easypharma system recognised and highly appreciated all over the world. Mechanical and chemical tests, fire reaction test, certifications carried out by accredited bodies (TUV Hessen, Proficert) are a proof that Easypharma leaves nothing to chance, paying utmost attention to every single item in its range of products.

Clean room partition walls

Our clean room partition walls are made with innovative materials for use in controlled contamination environments. The “sandwich” panel can be made with various components both for external panelling and internal insulation, which vary according to specific project requirements. Easypharma supplies different types of insulation for door panels and walls: rock wool (RW), polystyrene (EPS), aluminium honeycomb (HC), polyurethane (PUR), polyisocyanurate (PIR).

Clean room doors

Clean room doors are made of a 45mm rounded extruded aluminium frame; the panel is made with the same sandwich as the partition walls, allowing total flush-fitting between the components and the wall itself. The composition of the “sandwich” panel can be made with 4 mm thick external surfaces, to be chosen between the High-Pressure Plastic Laminate (HPL) or Alubond (ALB).

False ceilings for clean rooms

The types of false ceilings for clean rooms produced by Easypharma allow to study and realise different controlled contamination environments. They range from false ceilings with a visible 60mm aluminium frame, with panels surface-mounted or flush-fitted to aluminium profiles, to high-load false ceilings (walkable) with a concealed structure. The modules are suitable for housing filters, grilles and lighting fixtures for each size.

Pass Box e Pass Trolley

Easypharma offers various Pass-Box and Pass-Trolley solutions with a vast array of optional accessories to deliver the right solution for every possible demand. The germicidal treatment provided inside the Pass-Box and Pass-Trolley is generated by direct irradiation (programmable) with UV-C lamps, ensuring sterility on the surfaces reached and the surrounding air, in turn, previously filtered through absolute H14 filters.

Forniture and accessories

A specific line of furniture and accessories for changing rooms in contamination-controlled environments is essential to combine design and functionality that follow the required standards. All the accessories are perfectly integrated within the Easypharma partition walls, or can be positioned on existing brick walls, and are the result of extensive research and selection of materials in terms of quality, reliability and ease of use. The range consists of lockers, benches and hand sanitising systems; all available in different versions, colours and finishes.

Data Recovery in the Clean room

Data recovery in a clean room is an operation that allows you to work on damaged hard disks in complete safety. The clean room is necessary for data recovery operations on the hard disk, where it is possible to safely open disks or other damaged devices, preventing dust particles from depositing on the disk plates, causing further data loss. The opening of a hard disk without the aid of the clean room leads with certainty to a negative outcome of the data recovery. In fact, very few fine dust particles are deposited in the disk plates to make it unreadable and therefore do not allow data to be recovered. The cleanroom surfaces must have surfaces with high antistatic properties, just like the Easypharma HPL type. When we talk about the cleanroom, we refer to an aseptic working environment in which the air is cleaner than normal air.

In an ISO 5 Clean Room the area is 10,000 to 50,000 times cleaner than the air we can find in a room. The cleaning of the air inside the clean room is possible thanks to ventilation systems that ensure that in the environment in which you work there are no particles larger than a certain size.

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