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Doors - Easypharma


The Easypharma clean room doors are made of a 45mm rounded extruded aluminium frame; the panel is made with the same sandwich as the partition walls, allowing total flush-fitting between the components and the wall itself.
The composition of the “sandwich” panel can be made with 4 mm thick external surfaces, to be chosen between the High Pressure Plastic Laminate (HPL) or Alubond (ALB).
Easypharma supplies different types of insulation for door panels: rock wool (RW), polystyrene (EPS), aluminium honeycomb (HC), polyurethane (PUR), polyisocyanurate (PIR).


There is a vast range of accessories available to make your clean room doors, starting from the choice of handles: open press knobs, fixed knobs with magnetic closure or anti-panic push-bar handles.

Further accessories include: toughened glass panels, floor seal air-stop, mechanical door contacts, electric locks, electromagnets, concealed hinges and closures integrated into the frame.
The clean room doors are conceived and designed with attention paid to the smallest detail to be used in controlled contamination environments and for ease of integration with Easypharma partition walls.
A wide range of colours to be chosen by the customer (18 colours in the catalogue) make the supply a custom choice of style and aesthetics.Easypharma doors can be erected on: partition walls, plasterboard or brick walls.
The door installed on plasterboard or brick walls is prepared with rounded aluminium profiles, which make it possible to cover different thicknesses of from 80mm to 600mm.
Doors - Easypharma