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Guarantee of perfect execution

Easypharma’s primary objective is to provide quality materials, but equally important is this phase of the project during which we pay utmost attention to even the smallest detail. Our clean rooms installation technicians execute every project with the awareness that each of our clean rooms represents an emblematic hallmark for our company.

For this reason we employ highly qualified staff with many years of experience in the construction of clean rooms. It is vital to emphasise our ability to provide direct installation services, at an international level, thanks to our teams specialised in the assembly of clean rooms.

As an alternative to the assembly service, the customer can request the supervision service, provided by our specialised collaborators. Easypharma currently boasts a high number of technicians for installation and supervision services, divided into 5 teams, for a total of 25 people. Direct collaborators (employees and freelance), with continuous work relationships.

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