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Floorings - Easypharma

Cleanroom Floorings

Easypharma designs and provides a specific supply and installation service, with specialised personnel, for floorings in clean rooms and controlled contamination environments. Various solutions according the specific project requirements: PVC, LVT, or resin floorings.
All the products supplied meet all requirements of ISO standards and GMP standards and reduce the risk of contamination from volatile particles, which would compromise production. The floor solutions mainly used in our projects to complete the clean room can be: in PVC or epoxy resin.

Cleanroom PVC flooring

Fácil limpieza para salas limpias

With this type of flooring it is possible to cover the aluminium wall connection profiles to obtain a perfectly flush-fitting and hygienic environment.
Cleaning is even easier thanks to the polyurethane surface treatment and the compact surfaces that no longer require surface waxing. Based on specific project needs, the brand and the type of material required are selected from a wide and highly specific product range.

Floorings - Easypharma

PVC has the following characteristics and advantages:

  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Antistatic
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Resistant to most chemical agents diluted with acids, bases, oils and fuels
  • Smooth matte effect
  • Solvent-free
  • Ultra-compact surface ideal for cleaning and hygiene
  • PU surface finish (no wax – no polish)
  • Available in 19 different colours
Technical data:
  • CE Certification: EN 14041
  • Classification: ISO 10874
  • Total thickness: 2,0 mm
  • Total weight/sqm: 3150 g
  • Dimensional stability: <<0,40%
  • Fire reaction: Classe B – S1
  • Electrostatic property: <<2 Kv
  • VOC emissions: <<10 µg/m3 (dopo 28 giorni)
  • Resistance to chemical products: Good resistance
  • Bacteria resistance: does not assist the development of bacteria
  • Non-slip: R9 – >>0,3
  • Colours: 19 (cartella colori inviata su richiesta del cliente)
  • Optional accessories: Anti-humidity underlay barrier to reduce rising humidity

Cleanroom epoxy resin flooring

Self-levelling solvent-free epoxy resin coating, between 2 and 4 mm thick, for floorings subjected to medium-heavy pedestrian traffic. Excellent chemical resistance, impermeability to oils and aggressive agents, resistance to frequent washing and to wear caused by trolleys and moving vehicles.

Floorings - Easypharma
Technical data:

  • Adhesion (DIN ISO 4624) N/mm2: >>1,5 – breakage of the support element
  • Abrasion strength (TABER Mola CS 17 – 1000 giri – 1000 g) mg: 70
  • Compression strength (EN 196-1) N/mm2: 67
  • Bending strength (EN 196-1) N/mm2: 28
  • BCA wear strength (UNI EN 13892-4) µm: 10
  • Impact resistance (UNI EN ISO 6272) N/m: 20
  • Working temperature (in open air) °C: -20 / +60
  • Appearance: glossy or matt
  • Shore hardness (DIN 53505): 78 Shore D (7 days)
  • Fire reaction class (EN 13501-1): B-S1
  • Available in 15 different colors (RAL codes)
Cleaning and maintenance
Regular cleaning and maintenance increases the life of the treated flooring, improves its appearance and reduces the tendency to retain dirt. The surfaces are easily washable with neutral or alkaline detergents diluted in water in concentrations of from 5 to 10%.

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