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Glass view panels

A sheet of heavy gauge glass, laminated or tempered, characterised by absolute transparency and quality certified with 10 years warranty. This is the Easypharma glass view panel: the best result between quality and design that we could achieve.
To further expand these viewing points and make our clean rooms even more “open” and bright, we have created glass panels, one or two metres in height, for uninterrupted continuous vision. The glass panels are always produced with 45 mm thick double glazing completely flush with the surface of the partition walls or doors.

En cualquier tipo de mampostería

Easypharma cleanroom glass view panels can be installed on a partition wall, on a plasterboard wall or walls built with other types of masonry work. Thermovet view panels with 6mm transparent float glass, or 3+3 upon request, and an aluminium spacer containing anticondensation salts. UNI 10593 Certified; they have a 45 mm finish thickness with radius angles of 80mm or 30mm. The glass view panels can also be built and inserted, on request, on a double partition wall with a black anti-condensation spacer with an aluminium covering. (thicknesses of from 80mm to 1000mm).

On request they can be prepared to be fitted on a plasterboard or brick wall which will subsequently be coated in PVC or resins.

Partition walls


  • Total double glazing thickness 45 mm
  • Standard size doors: 500×700 mm
  • Standard size wall: 900×1000 mm
  • Radius available: R0 right angle, R30 ed R80
  • 3 +3 safety glass or 6 mm tempered glass
  • Natural silver colour structural raceway containing anti-condensation salts
  • Satin finish by request to block vision whilst ensuring the diffusion of light
  • For installations over 1000 meters above sea level, decompression valves are inserted in the glass view panels
  • Roller shutter type adjustable blinds can be fitted inside the double-glazing. Available with manual or electric open/close system.

1 door wing
wing with glass panel 500×700 mm R30

1 door wing

1 door wing

1 sliding door
with glass panel 900×1000 mm R80

with glass panel 900×1000 mm R30

Partition walls
Double glass panel 900×1000 mm R30 on

Double glass panel on brickwork

Surface-mounted system to provide a view through a brick wall (>120 mm). Made with two 45 mm thick glass panels with partition wall type inner structure. It is coupled with a natural anodised aluminium “T”-shape frame. Possible preparation for external PVC coating.

Single glass view panel on a brick wall

Surface-mounted system to provide a view through a brick wall (>100 mm). Made with one 45 mm thick glass panel edged with rounded natural silver anodised aluminium profiles. Solution that provides flush-fitting on one of the 2 sides of the glass panel with a stylishly rounded and easy to clean finish on the other side of the glass panel.

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    Partition walls

    Partition walls