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Quality control

Easypharma conducts scrupulous checks during every processing phase to ensure full compliance with the characteristics we have established, in terms of quality and size. This is because we are convinced that in our sector, in clean room construction, which is continuously expanding also from a competitive point of view, strict quality control is a key aspect which deserves utmost perseverance.

Easypharma has invested heavily in new automation technologies for production, significantly reducing the factory processing times, whilst dedicating greater attention and time to the materials production phase. The strong increase in exports over the last decade (in 2017 Easypharma exported 73% of its products) has obliged us to steer our attention to our capability to monitor and track every single item produced and sold, in order to continue to minimise production and shipping errors. An ad hoc platform, manages every project throughout all of its phases, from order acquisition, to the commitment of raw materials up to the final packing phases.

A tracking bar-code originates from the same project files, which is sent to the automatic work centres, ensuring real-time control of the production of clean rooms and processing phases. We are proud to invite our potential customers to visit our company to allow them to verify what described above in person. It is our pleasure to do so.

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