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Clean rooms from 25 years


A dynamic and constantly expanding Italian company specialising in the cleanroom manufacturing, Easypharma srl was established in 1998 and now has 47 employees in research and development departments, technical and engineering office, production departments, supervisors, commercial and administrative office, and 25 installation and after-sales services collaborators. All the production phases: design, production, assembly, packaging and office activities, are carried out at our registered office and operating headquarters in Ronco Briantino, guaranteeing the Made in Italy brand.

International Quality & Reliability
clean rooms manufacturing

The technical qualities developed over the decades have led Easypharma to become internationally recognised as a synonym of quality and reliability in the clean rooms manufacturing field. At the base of all the above lies the perfect knowledge of the materials used, combined with strict quality controls in every processing phase, from design to production and installation. The range of products manufactured and installed by Easypharma are carried out exploiting its own know-how, in compliance with the rules of good manufacturing practices and the standards imposed by the most authoritative national and international bodies.

From clean room design
to realisation

the best possible solution In addition to its high production potential and the use of superior raw materials Easypharma already distinguishes itself in the design phase, given its synergistic research of the best possible technical solution within the overall project of cleanrooms. The use of 3D software in the design phase, a computerised synergy in the manufacturing phase with the work centres, and a modern quality control / traceability system for each item, makes our production process exceptionally productive and precise.

Constant improvement
for our
clean rooms

From a technical point of view, Easypharma constantly invest in research and development in order to refine and improve the already vast range of products, solutions and technical services. Our goal is to continue to distinguish ourselves on the cleanroom manufacturing market for the unique and refined details that characterise our products. As far as the commercial aspect is concerned, we will continue to intensify our penetration in certain foreign markets by boosting our network of agents, signalling agents and after-sales services. In Italy we proudly continue our well-established relationships with numerous customers and contractors. Increasing and developing new synergies is one of our goals for the coming years. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our most heartfelt thanks to all those companies that have shown us their appreciation and confidence over the years, entrusting us with the execution of their cleanroom projects.


Massimo D’Agostino

Managing Director & CEO

Fabrizio Sancassani


Marco Fumagalli

Sales Director

Ing. Alessandro Caiani

Technical Director

Ing. Daniele Sacchi

Engineering Manager

Ing. Andrea Panzeri

Sales Manager

Annalisa Piazza

Head Accounting Manager

Marta Maggioni

Accounting Officer

Monica Soroldoni

Logistics Manager

Alessia Arlati

Reception & Administration Officer

Erica Fantini

Purchasing Officer

Claudio Radice

Site Manager

Simone Scarioni

Project Manager

Riccardo Perego

Project Manager

Ing. Elena Scalzo

Project Manager

Arch. Francesco Bianchini

Engineering Manager