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Doors interlock system

Strict procedure to control the material and personal flow in controlled contamination environments are extremely important. Interlocking systems and access control systems are the solutions.

The system we propose is completely integrated into our doors, Pass-Box or Pass-Trolley. It is composed of: double red / green traffic light with emergency release button, covered by an easy to clean polycarbonate cover; an electric lock or an electromagnet, with an integrated door status, placed on the upper side inside the jamb, which mechanically prevents the door from opening; a multiple management control unit (from 2 to more doors) that can be programmed according to the different procedures, modes or timings required. Description of a standard 2-port interlock: at rest with the doors closed all the traffic lights turn green. When one of the doors is opened, the mechanism blocks the other door via the electric lock and the traffic lights change from green to red light. If the door remains open for a long time, a timed alarm warns the door not to close. Once the door is closed, the system returns to rest. In emergency situation, the button on the traffic light allows you to force the system and open the door even if the traffic light is red. This is called “green logic”. Interlocking systems for ex-proof environments (Atex) are also available.

Interlock predisposal

Doors interlock system - Easypharma

On partition wall

Doors interlock system - Easypharma

On brick wall

Interlock accessories

All the accessories, traffic lights and sensors are installed in a perfectly fush solution into the door jamb. In case of doors on brock wall / plasterboard, these accessories are placed inside an elegant aluminum base.

Easy lights

Traffic light with button Red/green
LED lights with clear transit indications. Integrated emergency release button.

Easy code

Access control with code
For authorized entrances only by entering an alphanumeric access code that can be programmed on the keypad.

Easy badge

Proximity badge card reader
For authorized entrances only with the use of programmable and personal proximity badges. Also available platform and software for remote access control in real time.

Easy prox

Proximity sensor
Unlock the door with just with “hand passing” a few centimeters from the proximity touch sensor.

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