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Sliding doors

Over the years, Easypharma has introduced to its product range an innovative system of sliding doors for clean rooms, available in a manual or automatic version. They can be installed on a partition walls, brick or plasterboard walls.

Cleanrooms Sliding doors

Sliding door consisting of a 45mm rounded extruded aluminium frame and a panel made from the same sandwich as the movable walls, allowing total flatness between the components and the wall itself. The composition of the “sandwich” panel can be made with 4 mm thick external surfaces, to be chosen between the High Pressure Plastic Laminate (HPL) or Alubond (ALB). Easypharma supplies different types of insulation for door panels: rock wool (RW), polystyrene (EPS), aluminium honeycomb (HC), polyurethane (PUR), polyisocyanurate (PIR). Simple to assemble, as both the drive unit and the control panel are in a single extruded aluminium box which, when combined with the aluminium perimeter profiles of the sashes and connecting profiles, creates a window frame that fits harmoniously into the clean room. This system can be equipped with a buffer battery that ensures its opening in the event of a power failure. Safe and extremely quiet thanks to brush-less inverter motor 100-240 V (50-60Hz) switch mode technology. Opening speed 0.8 m/s (1 leaf) – 1.6 m/s (2 leaves). A control unit with microprocessor logic and an anti-crushing device complete the features of this cleanroom sliding door mechanism. Numerous options for opening and operating the door can be chosen by the end customer. Also available in a non-motorised manual version.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors for Clean Room - Easypharma
Sliding doors for Clean Room - Easypharma

Cleanroom Sealed sliding doors

Innovative system for totally airtight cleanroom sliding doors, where the panel during the closing phase is lowered and moved sideways to compress against the seal on the door jamb perimeter and simultaneously against the floor, to guarantee total airtightness. Especially appreciated in environments where the door must provide total guaranteed hermetic sealing. Inverter brush-less motor 100-240 V (50-60Hz) switch mode technology. Opening speed 0.8 m/s (1 wing) – 1. 6 m/s (2 wings). Control unit with microprocessor logic and anti-crushing device complete the features of this clean room sliding door mechanism. Rounded cabinet with concealed fastening screws. Integrated detection sensors flush-fitted in the automation system and exceptional silence levels make it the best product for use in contamination controlled environments. The end customer can choose from the various door opening and control options. Manual non-motorised version also available.

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