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The work process

From design
to after-sales service

Easypharma is available for free quotes and preliminary meetings to illustrate its product range.

Another important aspect for the first phases of the project, is the opportunity to receive a support service also during the architectural phase, which our company offers, developing upon request, and following civil structure surveys, a preliminary layout (in 2D or 3D) useful in order to better interface with the other companies that will contribute to the development of the project.

In addition to the services mentioned for the design phase, Easypharma develops the lighting calculations for its clean rooms, which are useful to establish exactly the type and quantity of lamps needed to guarantee the level of lighting required by the customer.

Finally, it will be the responsibility of our qualified technical staff, to draft a time planning of all the project phases that range from order acquisition to the final testing of the clean room.







The Workflow