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After Sales

Keep in touch

Easypharma is dedicated to keeping in contact with its customers even at the end of the installation of the material, and is always available for any future request. Our company offers its customers the possibility to take advantage of a scheduled maintenance package to guarantee constant control of the cleanrooms structure.

Among the other after sales services offered by Easypharma, we remind our customers that the presence of spare parts is guaranteed for the years to come and for whatever requirement; we have a specialised team ready to intervene in case of international urgencies hence avoiding excessive production downtime costs. Easypharma always maintains an information based relationship with its customers, updating them whenever there is any news in the clean room sector.

After installation, our technicians issue all the documentation and all the certifications of the materials used as required for the validation of the structure. We also offer the possibility of extending warranties from 24 months up to 10 years, on all products.

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