Easypharma has developed a system to install its own clean room hinged doors on brick or plasterboard walls, studying an aluminium soffit profile that is fixed to the brick wall, rolling it to reach the desired thickness (>80mm). This system, realised by coupling the soffit with the door profiles on the partition walls, requires the preparation of a galvanized steel subframe.

Cleanroom Hinged doors on partition walls

Flush-fitting hinged door system on 45mm thick partition wall.
Consisting of a 45 mm rounded extruded aluminium frame and a panel made with the same sandwich as the partition walls, allowing total flush-fitting between the components and the wall itself.
The composition of the “sandwich” panel can be made with 4 mm thick external surfaces, to be chosen between the High Pressure Plastic Laminate (HPL) or Alubond (ALB).
The inside of the Easypharma perimeter frame integrates all interlocking accessories (traffic lights, access control, electric locks, RJ45 plug & play wiring)
The interconnection systems guarantee total flush-fitting between the door and the walls.

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Cleanroom Hinged doors on brick walls

Hinged door system surface-mounted on brick or plasterboard. Realised by coupling a unique and innovative soffit system to the partition wall door profiles that connects to and embraces the wall, with a wall thickness of from 80mm to 600mm. Sturdy and easy to clean parts, the soffit is made of extruded aluminium with anodised finishing. This solution makes it possible to house all the door accessories requested by the customer, without limitations. Requires the preparation of galvanized steel subframe.